Can I take you on a date?

See the consultation section. I have many options for spending personal time together that do not involve being tied up and tortured. These personal outing are not of the romantic sort though. These dates are platonic. If you are looking for more than that, I am not the provider for you.

Can I be your personal slave?

After years of professionally serving Me, possibly. Can you, stranger, be My servant now? For free? Go fuck yourself! This is My occupation, not a hobby. If I was going to accept someone, it would be a person I hand choose. Not you. In the history of wankers asking this question, no Woman has ever said yes and had it work out.

Will i be recorded while we play?

Absolutely not! Unless we discuss recording the session and you sign model consent, you will not be taped in any way. Should you wish to be on My snapchat or Instagram, then mention this ahead of time.

Your rates seem high. I don’t want to pay that much.

Lucky for you, every city has an assortment of providers. You should find someone else if My rates aren’t to your liking. I also have 20 years of real time experience. My rates reflect what I am worth. Accept it or move on.

Do you have an incall facility?

In Las Vegas, I have a film studio set up. Select guests are invited to enjoy My film space. In Chicago and Portland, I rent dungeon or hotel space. In your city, you will have to inquire.

Do you work with other Dommes, slaves and Bulls?

Yes, I do have kinky friends who enjoy participating or just observing. We can discuss the options when we plan your scene. In Vegas, I frequently have guests. Inquire who may be visiting soon.

Will you travel to My city?

It is certainly possible. You can fly Me out to you with all expenses paid. If it is a city I regularly work in, you may also be in luck. Email or call to discuss.