Frequently Asked Questions & Answers-


What are your favorite Bdsm Activities?

My specialties include heavy bondage, sensory deprivation, all forms of humiliation, corporal punishment, prisoner scenes, cbt and mental domination. Though, I enjoy all of the activities listed as interests on My site.

How long do you prefer to play for?

I'd rather play on a more intensely detailed level. My minimum for new clients is typically 2 hours. Anything shorter would feel rushed & less detailed than what I prefer. Scenes involving heavy bondage, I recommend 4 hours or longer. For full transformation scenes, I recommend 3 hours or longer. For intense prisoner scenes, I recommend 6 hours or longer. 

Do you see novices?

Yes and no. I do see novices who are education about bdsm & have a general grasp of their tentative interests & desires. That being said, I do not see clueless novices who need their hand held through every step  of the process. I won't answer questions that google can easily do for you. I won't accept more than a dozen emails per session request. And I won't tolerate neediness. If you are not prepared to do homework ahead of time, I will not see you. 

Can I be your houseboy or personal slave?

I do not accept strangers as personal slaves. Nor do I give people opportunities to serve Me in any regard without paying a tribute. It's not fair to Me & it's not fair to those who have sessioned & worked hard to earn personal servitude time. Don't ask. If I wanted you to be My personal slave, I would make that decision.

Do you accept outfit requests?

It is not My preference to accept wardrobe requests. If I know you have particular fetishes to certain material & items, I will pick something accordingly to cater to your kinks. If it must be something specific, you can ask. But, I will not guarantee it. 

Is it appropriate to tip or bring a gift?

Tipping is customary and always appreciated. It's a way of showing appreciation & standing out. Gifts can be sent at anytime via My Amazon Wishlist. They can also be brought to session. I enjoy gift cards to Whole Foods, Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy's, Home Depot, etc. I also appreciate bottles of red wine, soy lattes, dried fruit & fresh flowers. 

I'm worried about my privacy. Do you record your sessions?

Your privacy will be respected at all times, just as I expect you to respect My privacy. Sessions are never videotaped or photographed unless previously discussed and requested. 

Can I be your video slave?

My tribute for being a video slave is half of what a regular priced sessions would be, typically $150 per hour. My list of rules and regulations can be seen here.

Do you work with other Mistresses or masters? are subs or switches available?

I do work with other local Mistresses and Masters. I prefer to select someone appropriate for your scene rather than you making a specific request. I also frequently have Internationally respected guest Dommes visit. Ask who will be traveling to My dungeon next. Some Ladies I work with do switch or sub depending on the scene.

Are Vanilla voyeurs available to watch?

Absolutely! I have a lot of  "vanilla" friends who enjoy watching scenes. It is possible to have a few Ladies and/ or Gents watch us play. There is an additional tribute per person.


Do you sell any personal items?

Yes! Some of My personal items available are worn stockings, shoes, panties, used condoms, tissues, cigarette butts, garbage, fingernail clippings, etc. Be adventurous & order a "Box of Humiliation". Email Me with your request.


Do you see Couples?

I do enjoy seeing couples! Adding spice into your relationship or rekindling the flame bring Me great pleasure. I enjoy playing with all couples regardless of sexual orientation, identity or lack their of. As long as both partners are consenting, I am happy to indulge with you.