Sessions, Consultations & Video Submission

Every encounter is designed specifically towards our mutual goals & desires. To give you a quote, I will need the full details of what you are looking to accomplish. My rates also vary from being in my home city and travel cities. the info below should be used as a guideline of the types of consultations & scenes I offer.. My rates are reasonable for the amount of experience I have and the quality of session I provide. I only offer discounts to My long term regulars & veterans.



Let’s get to know each other better without the pressure of playing. We can talk openly about kinks, your background, etc. All info will be kept confidential and is used to create a deeper connection. I will be dressed discretely & downplay that you are secretly a slave :p This is non fantasy interaction. Just getting to know each other. Hourly, Day Rates & Weekend Rates Are available.

Coffee or Drinks-

Let’s have a casual conversation at a place of M choosing. May not be available when traveling.

Dinner Date-

Let’s get dressed up and go out on the town. I'm vegetarian but don’t expect you to be. I am open to suggestions but I ultimately choose where we go.

Shopping Trip-

You will see Me at My happiest when I’m spending your money. I enjoy being pampered at day spa’s, surgical centers, malls, shoe stores, etc. Let’s do some damage to your wallet.

Elegant Evening-

Want to catch a show? Dinner to follow? Hear some live music and find a late night cafe? We can spend a full evening together really getting to know now and other. We can also play after if you are feeling frisky.

Full Day & Night Company-

Want to spend time at the pool and then get lunch? Get a couples massage after? Let’s go for a walk around town and catch a museum. Perhaps, I put a remote control vibrator on or in you and we head to dinner.

Weekend Away -

Want Me to accompany on a vacation? Be your arm candy for a stressful event? Or let’s just indulge and get away. If we have great chemistry, I am happy to explore other cities and countries with you. My passport in up to date.


Play Time

Time to explore what you have been fantasizing about for years. I’m going to dive deep into your psyche & implant you with lustful triggers. This is exactly what you have been craving.

Basic Domination-

Bdsm at it’s finest. An assortment of bondage, teasing, suffering & more. My Las Vegas rates are very industry standard. Travel Rates vary by city/ expenses, etc. 90 minute sessions start at $600. Previous regular clients get reduced rates.

Rubber Bondage-

Be emerged in a rubber sleep sac or catsuit. Get layered and immobile. Have all of your extremities bound in a predicament. Additional tribute required.

Domestic Servitude-

Want to clean for Me? Be ordered around and have your work critiqued while dressed up as a sissy? I offer a special rate for domestic slaves. This sort of servitude is never free. Don’t ask.

Toilet Slavery-

Toilet training can be added on to any session for an additional tribute. We must discuss your goals with this in detail before hand over a paid phone consultation. I do not offer toilet paper service. See My limits list.

Cage Abandonment-

Get heavily restricted & be locked away. Sink inside your head & find out what you are made of. Book an initial session and add hours of isolation and sensory time on top of it.

Couples -

I love playing with couples. Are you both submissive? Does your partner want to be trained to top you? Rates are additional and vary depending on the level of participation.

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MayaHatDSC_3869 copy 2.jpg

Video Slavery

I’m sure you have watched some of My hot videos before. Have you desired being shown off in one of My films? Want to world to see what a big whore you are or how much pain you can take? Great! I would love to show you off. However, not everyone is qualified to be a video slave. the audience doesn't want to see people who can’t take any sort or pain or struggling. I prefer to have a session with someone first to see if we are compatible enough to film together. On some occasions, I will allow video shoots for first time sessions. You will need to sign a model release & provide a copy of your id. A hood may be worn but, it is not My preference.

Some things I do NOT film other than with professional adult industry talent.

  • Sex of any kind

  • Body Worship other than foot worship

  • Nudity on My part

  • Cream Pies, Pussy Eating, Ass Eating, etc.

One on one Scenes-

Simple scenes involving just you and I and shot on a tripod are usually $250 per hour. You will be provided with a copy of the edited content for personal use only. I will use the footage for public use and sale.

Complicated one on one Scenes-

Scenes where multiple angles are required need to be shot handheld. This means hiring a videographer. Can be male or female depending on preference. Typically $100 additional per hour.

Additional CoStars-

Involving other people is a video shoot is possible. Would you like to be topped along side another slave? Would you like to service and alpha male adult star? Everyone additional will have their own rates.