I appreciate gifts!

The best way to show your devotion or make a great first impression is by sending a gift. You may send a present off My amazon wishlist or tribute through Iwantclips below. Note, I no longer have a P.o. Box & I do not accept gifts in person outside of a session. I also appreciate giftRocket to Miss_Maya@Sinstress.net


Some of My favorites-

My favorite perfume is Tainted Love by Tokyo Milk. In the summer, I enjoy Pink Sugar.

My favorite wines are red zinfandel & cabarnet sauvignon. Leonese Cellars in My favorite vineyard. Apothic Inferno is My favorite store wine.

My favorite makeup store is Sephora. I also appreciate ultra.

My favorite spa & healing center is Ruby Room in Chicago.

I am not a sweets person. Brining Chocolate is inappropriate. Instead, a Whole Foods gift card or Trader Joe’s would be appreciated.

Flowers are gorgeous, but also not appreciated. I have cats who would love to eat them & will get sick from them. Instead, bring a succulent or air plant.

Want to be more practical? Gift cards for gas stations, pet smart, etsy, amazon, etc are always appreciated.