Las Vegas Jan 24-28

It's that time of year again for the AVN/ AEE Expo in Las Vegas! I will be attending Jan 24th to 28th! I will mainly be there to represent Iwantclips & film with some of My favorite fetish friends. But, I will also be accepting limited private sessions. I'm packing gear for bondage, sensation play,  tickling, corporal punishment and light medical play. If you have other requests, send an email & I will pack accordingly. Sessions are on a first come first see basis. This means, you need to book asap. I will not be accepting last minute sessions unless they are strictly cash meet ups. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But, the mental impact I have on you is forever!

Miss Maya Sinstress

Relocated to Portland

Maya Sinstress is now in Portland Oregon 

December 1st marks My 18th year as a professional Dominatrix. Throughout all of My career, I have been based in Chicago. It's an incredible city, but one that I've grown out of. As time passes on, My interests & desires progress. And I'm ready for a change of pace. The nature & calmness of the Pacific Northwest came knocking on My door and I invited it in. 

I want all My midwest slaves to know how much I appreciate you and our times together. They have been some of the most incredible years of My life. Do not think of this as an end. Our journey will still continue but in a different realm. I plan on coming back every few months to see My devoted puppets & fetishists. If you need more attention in the meantime, I am available for webcam, phone & text instruction & homework assignments. For those needing more attention in person, I am happy to recommend a fellow professional who would match well with your needs. 

Future Portland servants, slaves & perverts, I look forward to getting to know you. It will take a few months before I am ready to set up My new dungeon here. Enjoy anticipating what an elaborate & atmospheric lair I will open. In the meantime, I am exploring My options for places to session out of. During the month of December, I will be available for consultations and cash point meets. Starting in January, I will be available for sessions. Be patient & focus on what you would like to explore with Me. In the meantime, send an introductory email expressing our common interests & describing yourself.

Desire being useful during this transition? Financial contributions are always appreciated. I accept cash tributes through gift rocket . I can accept payment via other means if needed. Not wealthy but want to help? I am in need of a selfless & handy chore bitch to clean. I am very specific about who I allow to serve on a non professional level, so try your best to impress Me.

I will be a bit distant as I unpack & get situated. I will not be answering calls that I'm not expecting. Social media will be tended to on a minimal basis. Don't take this as abandonment. I am always keeping an eye on you. If you want to be in touch, email is best. Cheers,

Miss Maya Sinstress

Monthly Special - September- Foot Fetish

Every month, I offer a special reduced rate for specific fetishes or scenes. Since summer is still in full effect, I'm offering $50 off foot fetish sessions. All of you frisky foot boys will be allowed to sniff, kiss, massage, lick & cherish My perfect soles and toes. This offer is for foot fetish only. It does not include trampling, domination, teasing, etc. Email to schedule.

New Website

I'm very excited to launch My new website. I really enjoy the previous design & layout of But, it was time for a fresh look and some policy changes. If you have difficulty navigating through the site or have unanswered questions, do reply in the comments. I will address them at My convenience. Enjoy!