Sessions & Consultations 

Each session & Consultation is hand tailored & geared towards our mutual interests. I plan a dynamic scene based upon your kinks, enjoyments, experience level & limitations. Because each session is customized & unique, I can't give you an exact tribute quote. But, you can use the below info as a guideline.


Consultations are the best way to get acquainted with each other on a personal level. It's not a role play. It's not a Play scene. It's social interaction in a Dom/ sub format. It's a great means of discussing your interests and goals and seeing what your potential might be. Consultations are highly recommended for those who are novices, shy or uncertain of their needs & desires. Below are your options.

Coffee/ Cocktail Talk-

Casual coffee, cocktail or lunch at a place of My choosing. $150 p/h

Dinner Date-

A formal meal with tempting conversation. $300 p/h

Servant Day-

A day of doing errands & domestic and dungeon chores. $150 p/h

Spoiling Spree-

Treating Me to a lavish shopping trip. $600 minimum in gifts.

Elegant Evening-

A formal & non rushed dinner at a restaurant of My choosing plus drink or entertainment after. $750

Weekend Trip-

A mini vacation to a place of My choosing. Time & Expenses must be paid. Serious Inquires may email. 

Private Sessions

Sessions are private playtime where you can fully indulge. Each session is unique & designed to be based on common grounds & goals. Most Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour in length. Simple fetish sessions may be offered at a half hour rate. See the descriptions below. The tributes listed are for My valuable time.

Disciplinary Spanking-

Otk or bound to a bench or table. $150 for 30 minutes/ $200 for the hour.

Foot Fetish

Sniffing, loving, licking and rubbing. $125 for 30 minutes/ $175 for the hour.

General Domination-

Basic bdsm with twists & turns. $300 for 1 hour/ $250 per additional hours. 

Rubber Bondage-

Heavy rubber encasement. 2 hour minimum- $600. $275 per additional hours. 

Teasing Excursion-

Venus 2000 tease & denial & tease. $400 for 1 hour/ $250 per additional hours.

Wet & Messy-

Sploshing at it's messiest. $400 for 1 hour/ $250 per additional hours.

Day in the Cage-

Hour of exciting play time & then caging. $425 for 2 hours/ $100 per additional.

Medical Play-

Examination, cleaning, Piercing, etc. $350 for first hour/ $250 per additional hours.

Session Add Ons

For the well seasoned kinkster, additional excitement you can add on to a session. 

Toilet Training-

Full, Golden, Ruby or Roman. Additional $100 per scene. 

Double Domination-

In traditional scenes with Mistress or Master, $500 per hour, $450 additional hours.


An initial session is required. $100 additional per week.

Vanilla Voyeur-

A vanilla friend observing & possibly interacting. $100 additional per hour.