My interests are divided into 4 categories: Bondage, Fetish, Role Play & Torture. Click on the term for a more detailed description or My personal definition. Mark down the terms that are enticing for you & relay them to Me when booking your session.


Bondage: (* indicates it is one of my favorites)

Caging Chain link CBB Japanese Rope* Leather Restraint*
Mental & Physical Restraint Mummification* Plaster Encasing* Rope Harness Spreader Bars
Stretching Out Suspension* Taping Weighing Down Wrestling Holds


Fetish: (* indicates it is one of my favorites)

Balloon Inflation Balloon Popping Boot & Shoe Worship* Food Play* Foot Worship*
Hair Removal* Latex Leather Messy Play* Needle Play*
Pie Showers Spittoon Smoking* Tickling *


Role-Play: (* indicates it is one of my favorites)

Warning -These scenes are fantasy only and follow the rules of safe, sane and consentual. Your Sinstress may threat of perminently marring you, but will not push passed your limits.

Animal/Pet Training* Alter Boy/Priestess** Cannibal Scene* Castration Scene Concentration Camp**
Confessional* Cop & Thief Cross dressing * Crucifixion* Dental Exam
Dissection Drill Sergeant* Execution* Forced Acceptance of Female Superiority** Forced Domestic Activities
Forced Feminization* Forced Repentance* Forced Servitude* Forced Violation* Forced Wholesome Activities**
Giantess Fantasy Goddess Worship* Human Ashtray* Human Carpeting Human Decoration/ Art
Human Furniture Human Receptacle Humiliation, Public or Private* Humiliation of corporate lifestyle Infantilism
Interrogation Kidnapping Maid Training Medical Scenes* Physical Examination
Prisoner Scene Religious Scenes* Restraint Training Satanic Sacrifice/ Ritual** Secretay/ Boss
Sexual Harassment Sissy Training Slave Auctioning** Slave Training** Teacher/ Student

Teasing & Denial**

Vampirism* Voyeur Scene* Wicked Witch* Witch Burning


Torture: (* indicates it is one of my favorites)

Abrasion* Asphyxiation* Belting Blood Sports* Branding*
Breath Control* Caning* CBT* Cutting* Drowning
Fire Cupping* Fire Rubs* Flogging* Forced Activities* Humiliation*
Injections* NT Paddling Piercing* Punching
Scratching Slapping Smushing Sounding Spanking
Suturing* Teasing and Denial* Temperature Play Trampling Tweezing

Dislikes: Requests for illegal activities or sexual acts, smothering or face sittining, body worship above the knee, toilet paper service and not respecting My boundaries. I am Never nude during session. I do Not offer acts outside the realm of bdsm. I do Not offer escort service. I am professional and demand respect.