Miss Maya's Wish List

Being for My birthday ( November 20th ) or as a daily surprise, receiving presents always puts Me in a good mood. And it is in your best interest to please Me, so you should really do so. Here are some helpful links & inside information to help you make a gift selection.

Gifts & Money Orders may be sent to:
Miss Maya Sinstress

P.O. Box 577412
Chicago, Il. 60657

I do also accept P*ypal to MissMayaSinstress@yahoo.com

Simple Things that Please Me on a daily basis:
Lush My favorite bath & skincare products.
Whole Foods My favorite organic grocer
Starbucks Soy Lattes are always appreciated
Amazon For Simple things (books, stockings, shoes)
Sephora For Make up & eyelashes
Caduceus Wine that will make Me blush (Any Red)
Stockings HQ My favorite stocking store that ships quickly
Trashy Diva Corsets & Dresses Most of My cocktail dresses & corsets I order from here. (Gift card)
Ruby Room My favorite spa & wellness center in Chicago
Leoness Cellars My Favorite Wine is Red Zinfandel
Tree house is an amazing shelter & clinic that I have dealt with on a number of occassions. Support our furry feline friends in their cageless environment!
Fetishy Gifts
Vex Latex Local Latex I support (Gift Card)
HW Designs Fancy Latex Catsuits & Stockings
Delicious Boutique For My leather, steampunk goods
Insight Studios Tattoo For My ever growing tattoo collection
Morganna Femme Corsets Corsets worthy of My body
Section for Financial slaves who put in the extra hours
3 G Ipad Top of the line Ipad
MacBook Air Top of the line MacBook Air
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited My current jeep is bad luck. My slave bought it used. I can't settle for a used Jeep. I need the new 4 door, top of the line!!!!
Violet Hour Private Evening I would like to rent out My favorite speak easy for an evening, you would be invited to attend.
Maynard James Keenan You heard correctly.
Necromance There is a taxedermy peacock I've been wanting for years.
Best Buy Gift Card For random electronic accessories
United Airlines Give Me your miles or book a vacation package for Me!
Piedmont A trip to S.F. accompanied by shopping here is a dream!
Nikon Camera lenses & lighting equipment
Maynard James Keenan Yes, he is listed twice. This would be the most impressive gift!
Unicorn Pink Body, White horn (or gold if in season)
Section for Cuckold slaves, you may spoil My Male Stud with these:
Glenlivet Any Age will do. But, 18 of 21 year aged are best.
All Saints Clothing worthy of My man.
Penguin More acceptable clothing
Special Thanks to My devoted Pets & Friends
Thanks to slave wayne for his gift of an ipod
Thank you, robert. I am enjoying your gift.
Thank your Jeff N. for your gifts, air fare & reliability.
Thank you, Vince. The rubber stockings still give Me chills.
Thank you My canadian slave for the lovely boots & floggers.
Thank you, Davey for My new Monster Truck! And for being a devoted slave.
Thank you slave N. for My tickets to London & Montreal.
Thank you slave J. for My Replica Machine BB Guns
Thank you slave michael for your almost weekly gift cards.
Thank you john for all My wardrobe additions.
Thank you joe, for being you & making My life more decadent.
Thanks to Charles for the 5,000 donation to Tree house.
Thank you chuck for the tour of Indianapolis & My corset.
Thank you to My special Canadian who wears My signiture tattoo.
Thank you chuck for My new skunk bone purse & ss hat.
Thanks to My canadian for all the lovely lush products and shoes.
Thanks again chuck for My massage gift cards.
Thanks tom ass for all the lovely vex latex gift cards. I heart latex
Thanks to slave mark for the Ruby Room gift card.
Thanks davey for all My lovely vacations, especially Arizona.

Chicago's Headquarters for Taboo, Bdsm, Fetish & Domination. Emphasis on Heavy Bondage, Mind Control, Corporal Punishment, Slave Training, Strap On Training, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Public Humiliation, Financial Domination, Otk Spanking, Tickle Torture, Sensory Deprivation, Golden Showers, Full Toilet Training, Foot Worship, Boot Worship, Medical Scenes, Play Piercing, Invereted Suspension, Puppy Play, Role Play, Religious Scenes, Racial Humiliation, Poisonous Seduction, Smoking Fetish, Latex Fetish, Mummification, Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture, Spread Eagle Bondage, Castration Scenes, Human Ashtray, Dildo Sucking, Forced Femme, Latex Vac Bed Play, Trampling, Scissor Holds & More. Chicago Bdsm & Private Fetish Parties for Members Only.